Video Translation

Break Down Language Barriers with Video Translation: Connect, Engage, and Expand Globally.


Leveraging Video Translation to Expand Your Audience

Video Translation revolutionizes the way we think about video content translation and accessibility. By harnessing the power of advanced AI technology, our tool offers high-quality, precise video translations across multiple languages. Whether you’re looking to make your content accessible to a global audience or aiming to tap into new markets, Video Translation ensures your message is heard loud and clear, in any language.

Multilingual Video Translation

Our tool supports video translation across a wide array of languages, breaking down barriers and opening your content to a global stage and ensures your message reaches global audiences without losing its essence.

High-Quality AI Voice Selection

Choose from a variety of high-quality AI voices to find the perfect match for your video’s tone and style. This feature allows for a more natural and engaging viewer experience, regardless of the translation.

High-Quality AI Voice Selection

Precision Translation & Editing

Experience high-quality, accurate video translations with the added benefit of text editing. This ensures that your message retains its intended impact, making every word count.

Voice Cloning & Lip-Sync

Our cutting-edge voice cloning technology, coupled with precise lip-sync alignment, offers a seamless viewing experience, making the translated video feel as original and authentic as possible.


User Scenarios

Cross-Border Marketing

Cross-Border Marketing

Transform your marketing videos into multilingual masterpieces, making your products appealing to global audiences and significantly boosting international sales.

Global Product Launch

Global Product Launch

Introduce your products to the global market by translating your launch videos into various languages. This will ensure that your product is not only heard but also connects with each unique market, enhancing the potential for international success.

Multilingual Ad Campaigns

Multilingual Ad Campaigns

Craft marketing campaigns that speak directly to diverse audiences by leveraging AI power. Tailor your message for each language and culture, ensuring maximum impact and connection with potential customers across the globe.

How to Use

  • Upload your original video.
  • Choose the language you want to translate into.
  • Preview or edit the translated text of the video.
  • Select a suitable AI voice or clone voice.
  • Click on generate and wait just a few minutes for the video translation to be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Translation supports a wide range of languages, including Chinese, English, French, German and so on, catering to global content creators and audiences.

Yes, you have the option to select from a wide range of top-notch AI voices that are suitable for your video’s mood and aesthetic.

Yes, our technology ensures the synchronization of voice and lip movements for a natural and engaging viewer experience.

Our video translation service prides itself on high-quality, precise translations, ensuring your message is conveyed accurately across all languages.

Yes, Video Translation allows for text editing, giving you control over the final output to ensure it matches your original intent.

Our advanced voice cloning technology replicates the original voice’s tone and style, while the lip-sync alignment ensures the translated speech matches the speaker’s mouth movements for a natural viewing experience.

By translating and localizing your video content, Video Translation helps you connect with diverse audiences in their native language, making your marketing campaigns more effective and engaging on a global scale.

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